Adjectives Kya Hota Hai – Types and Examples in Hindi

Visheshan kya hota hai

Adjective ka hindi meaning hota hai Visheshan. Iss article me hum dekhenge ki Adjective/Visheshan kya hota hai, unki definition aur examples, unke types and unhe kaha aur kese use karna chahiye.

Definition of Adjectives

Adjective/Visheshan kya hota hai iska answer apko iss section me mil jayega aur usko use karne ka tarika aur examples next section me bataye gaye hai.

Adjectives wo words hote hai jo dusre words ko describe ya modify karne me use kiye jaate hai. Isse aapke sentences aur zyada specific hote hai aur kaafi interesting bhi ho jaate hai. 

Ab kuch words jese small, different, important, few descriptive hai, matlab kisi chiz ko describe kar rahe hai, isliye yeh sab adjectvie kehlate hai. 

Ab adjective ka use kisi cheez ko identify karne ke liye ya kisi ko quantify karne ke liye hota hai, isliye yeh generally kisi noun ya pronoun ke pehle lagte hai. Isse yeh unki quality batate hai. Isiliye ek sentence me ek se zyada adjective bhi ho sakte hai.

Isko yaad karne ka tarika ka bhi kaafi easy hai: Visheshan matlab visheshta batana. 

Jaise, Rahul is fat. (Rahul mota hai). Yaha par Rahul ek noun hai aur jo word hai fat, vo yeh bata raha hai ki jo noun hai Rahul vo kesa hai, matlab uski visheshta bata raha hai ki vo mota hai. 

Adjective kya hota hai

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Examples of Adjectives

Ab adjective ke kuch examples neeche diye gaye hai. Inn examples se aapko samajh aayega ki adjective/Visheshan kya hota hai aur inka use kaha karna hai aur yeh sentence me kya change laate hai. Bold kiye hue words ko adjective kehte hai.

Example: They live in a big, beautiful place.

Yeh sentence bina adjective kuch aisa hoga: “They live in a place.” Yeh sentence padhne me suitable nahi hai aur na hi isse clarity mil rahi hai place se related. 

Isliye inn jagah hum adjective ka use karenge jisse hum place ki quality thodi specify kar sakee jisse reader ko thodi clarity bhi milegi aur sentence bhi suitable banega. 

Similarly, neeche diye gaye sentences bhi bina adjective ke irrelevant hoge isliye adjectives ka use kiya hai. 

  1. Since it’s a hot day, Simran is wearing a sleeveless top.
  2. The mountain tops are covered in sparkling ice.
  3. On his birthday, Rahul received an antique vase filled with glorious flowers.

Types of Adjectives

Ab hume pata hai adjective kya hota hai. Ab hum adjective ke types ke baare me padhenge.

Adjective ke bahut saare type hai but broadly inko 8 categories me divide kiya gaya hai. Inn sab ke baare me iss section me explain kiya hai examples ke saath.

Qualitative Adjective – Gunvachak Visheshan

Qualitative Adjective vo adjectives hota hai jo kisi person aur thing ki quality batate hai. Inko yaad bhi essehi kar sakte hai ki Qualitative matlab quality batane wale adjective.


Red, Green, Fat, Long, Old, Good, Bad, Tall, Short, etc.


Does anybody have a red pen?

The leaves are so green.

Rahul is fat.

Sheena has beautiful long hair.

The temple is old.

Simran did good work.

He is a bad boy.

Rohan is tall, while his sister is short heighted.

Quantitative Adjective – Pariman Vachak Visheshan

Quantitative Adjective vo adjectives hote hai jo kisi person aur thing ki quantity batate hai. Inko yaad bhi essehi kar sakte hai ki Quantitative matlab quantity batane wale adjective.


Whole, much, more, little, enough, no, etc


Whole world is suffering due to COVID-19.

He is much smarter than his brother.

I need more sugar.

There’s little change in the plan.

I don’t have enough money.

He has no water.

Demonstrative Adjective – Sanket Vachak Visheshan

Demonstrative adjective vo type ke adjectives hai jo kisi person, place aur thing ko point out karne ke liye use kiye jaate hai. Inko yaad karne ka tarika bhi easy hai: Demonstrative matlab kisi ko present karna ya point karna.


This, that, those, these, such are main demonstrative adjectives.


This is my house.

I don’t like that place.

Those kids are playing.

These apples are good.

Such girls are beautiful.

Possessive Adjective – Sambandh Vachak Visheshan

Possessive adjectives vo adjective hote hai jo relation ya possession show karne ke liye use kiye jaate hai. Isko yaad karne ka tarika bhi easy hai: Possessive matlab possess karne wala, own karne wala.


Your, my, mine, our his, her, its, their are main possessive adjectives.


Your name is unique.

My name is Rohan.

This book is mine.

Our class is cancelled.

His marks are so good.

Her brother is caring.

Its color is red.

Their group won the competition.

Proper Adjective – Vyakti Vachak Visheshan

Proper adjective ek adjective form hota hai proper noun ka. Jab ek noun/pronoun describes aur modifies karta hai another noun/pronoun, toh vo proper adjective ban jaate hai. Proper matlab ‘specific’ jisse hum summarize kar sakte hai concept one word me.


“A food cooked in chinese recipe” ko proper noun ki help se hum “Chinese food” bol de toh humara message convey ho jayega. 


I love KFC Burgers.

Indian people are hard workers.

Honda cars are very strong.

Interrogative Adjective – Prashna Vachak Vishesh

Interrogative adjectives vo adjectives hote hai jinka use sentences me tab hota hai, jab koi question puchna ho. Isko yaad rakhna bhi easy hai: Interrogative matlab jo bahut saare questions puche.


What, which, whose, etc.


What is your name ?

Whose book is this ?

Which car is yours ?

What, whose, which ko distributive pronoun kehte hai jab iske baad koi noun na ho toh. 

Which is your notebook? – Which = distributive pronoun

Which pen is red? – Which = distributive adjective

What is in your hand? – What = distributive pronoun

What type of smartphone do you have? – What = distributive adjective

Indefinite Adjectives – Anishchit Vachak Vishesh

Indefinite adjectives vo adjectives hai jo describe aur modify karte hai noun ko unspecifically. Yeh indefinite information provide karta hai noun ke baare me.  


Few, many, much, most, all, any, each, every, either, nobody, several, some are indefinite adjectives. 


I gave some notes to her. 

Each student will have to submit homework tomorrow.

I want a few moments alone.

Several writers are writing about COVID-19. 


Articles bhi noun modify karte hai isliye articles bhi ek type ke adjective hai. Yeh determine karte hai specifications noun ke liye. ‘A’ and ‘an’ use hota hai unspecific noun ko refer karne liye aur ‘The’ use hota hai specific noun ko refer karne ke liye.


A, an and the are most commonly used article adjectives.


A cat is afraid of dogs.

I bought an electric car.

The dog is afraid of humans.

Adjective Exercise

Neeche diye gaye blanks ko suitable option se fill karna hai. Isse aap ko aur ache se samajh aayega ki Adjective ya Visheshan Kya hota hai.


1. We visited the museum, where we saw _________ artifacts.

  1. A lot of
  2. Ancient
  3. John’s
  4. A room filled with

2. I received _______ awards at the ceremony today.

  1. The Manager’s
  2. Two
  3. Information about
  4. Motivation at the

3. Please get me a bag of _______ apples.

  1. Interesting
  2. Ripe red
  3. Oranges and
  4. Real

4. The president sat in a _______ chair. 

  1. Important
  2. Barber’s
  3. Funny
  4. Leather

5. ________ weather is the norm in India.

  1. Blue 
  2. Hot
  3. Foggy
  4. The best


  1. B – We visited the museum, where we saw ancient artifacts.
  2. B – I received two awards at the ceremony today.
  3. B – Please get me a bag of ripe red apples.
  4. D – The president sat in a leather chair.
  5. B – Hot weather is the norm in San Francisco.

Some Commonly Used Adjective with Hindi Meanings

Inn words or meanings ko padhne ke baad apko ache se samajh aayega ki adjectives kya hota hai or inhe kaise use karte hai.

  1. Other – Anya
  2. New – Naya
  3. Good – Acha
  4. High – Ucha
  5. Old – Purana
  6. Great – Mahaan
  7. Big – Bada/Vishal
  8. Small – Chota
  9. Large – Bada
  10. National – Rashtriya
  11. Young – Yuva
  12. Different – Alag
  13. Black – Kala
  14. Long – Lamba
  15. Little – Thoda
  16. Important – Zaroori
  17. Bad – Bura
  18. White – Safed
  19. Best – Shreshth
  20. Only – Sirf
  21. Low – kam
  22. Late – Der se
  23. Hard – Mushkil
  24. Better – Behatar
  25. Strong – Balwaan
  26. Possible – Mumkin
  27. True – Sach
  28. Clear – Spasht
  29. Current – Vartaman
  30. Wrong – Galat
  31. Short – Kam
  32. Private – Nijee
  33. Common – Samanya
  34. Hot – Garam
  35. Ready – Tayyar
  36. Happy – Khush
  37. General – Samanya
  38. Entire – Sampurna
  39. Popular – Lokapriya
  40. Traditional – Paramparagat
  41. Huge – Vshaal
  42. Nice – Acha
  43. Main – Mukhya
  44. Final – Antim
  45. Religious – Dharmik
  46. Legal – Kanuni
  47. Democratic – Lok tantrik
  48. Various – Vibhinn
  49. Central – Kendriya
  50. Significant – Valued/Mahatvapurn


Iss Article ko padhne ke baad apko ache se samajh aajayega ki Adjective ya Visheshan kya hota hai, Unka use kaise Kiya jata hai. Ab next time aapko sochna nahi padega ki adjective kya hote the aur yaha use karna thik rahega ki nahi. 

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