Josh is on a mission to unlock human potential by creating tools that effectively nurture each individual’s potential.
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Get Inspired to
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Story-Driven Approach

Watch stories of ordinary Indians with extraordinary accomplishments who make us believe that if they can, so can I!

Career-Related Information

Learn from IAS officers, entrepreneurs, content creators, sportspersons, and more as they share their secret to success.

Relatable Role Models

Tune in to life lessons from role models who not only share similar backgrounds but also speak in our local language.

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Unlock New Career

Comprehensive Learning

Get daily practice sessions on grammar, speaking, vocabulary, and reading. Master the English language.

Practice with Peers

Interact, practice, and grow with a community of fellow learners. Stay motivated on your upskilling journey.

Immersive Experience

Learning made easy and fun with gamification, networking opportunities, interactive features, and daily competitions.

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Connect With the
Next Billion Users

Branded Content

By leveraging our expertise in research and storytelling, we create exclusive content in regional languages to help brands tell their story better and reach their target audience.

Community Building

We help brands build custom properties to educate, inform, and engage with young users across India.

Large Scale Dissemination

Integrate your brand’s message in Josh Talks’ videos to reach 100 million monthly viewers.

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Commit to Creation

We evaluate your content, run multivariate tests, and optimize your content for YouTube to build a data-backed strategy that guarantees growth.

Accelerate Growth

We will invest our money, tech, data, and people to accelerate your growth and give you access to Josh Studios across 3 cities to produce your content.

Build an Empire

We help you build additional revenue streams from existing content and take care of your channel’s profitability while you focus on doing what you love most – creating content.

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