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Josh Talks | Josh Talks is a platform that showcases stories of remarkable people and projects in the form of short high impact talks.

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Creating Value From the Worthless — Debartha’s Vision For A Cleaner India
“Find Out What You Want And Then Go After It Like Crazy!”
Devendra Agarwal
Want To Be An Entrepreneur? This Is What It’s Gonna Take
Vinay Singhal
RTI – The Powerful Tool That Most Indians Don’t Even Know About
K M Yadav
Going To School Can Be Fun Too
Sharad Bansal
Making Export Quality Products From River Waste
Ankit Agarwal
How to Solve India’s Post-Harvest Food Wastage
Anurag Awasthi
This Woman Is Cracking The Success Code – For Herself And Others
Ishita Anand
Conventions, Family Pressure, Even Cancer Couldn’t Hold This High Flier Back
Kanika Tekriwal
The Indomitable Women Army That Fights Fears With An Iron Fist
Usha Vishwakarma
Why I Sold My House To Build A College | Pranjal Dubey
Pranjal Dubey
Social Changemaker
How Things That Matter The Most Are Never Taught In School | Nirman Dave
Nirman Dave
Why It Is Always The Right Age To Go Out And Create Something Valuable | Ishan Vyas
Ishan Vyas
What Does It Take To Build Something Significant? Curiosity And Hunger | Narendra Sen
Narendra Sen
“Damage Has Already Been Done, How Do We Undo It?” | Angad Daryani
Angad Daryani
Social Innovation
” After 2000 Calls And 200 Failed Meetings, Came Youth Ki Awaaz” : Anshul Tewari
Anshul Tewari
A village in Rajasthan that is grabbing world-wide attention | Laxman Singh
Laxman Singh
Social Innovation
This slam poet has a piece of advice for women : Rene Sharanya Verma
Rene Verma
Slam Poet
Can we replace Cricket bats with hockey sticks? | Andrea Thumshirn
Andrea Thumshirn
Social Innovation
What paper can build | Atamjeet Singh Bawa
Atamjeet Singh Bawa


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