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Finding home while travelling | Prakash Jha
Prakash Jha
Science is for everyone | Angad Daryani
Angad Daryani
Social Innovation
A village in Rajasthan that is grabbing world-wide attention | Laxman Singh
Laxman Singh
Social Innovation
Can we replace Cricket bats with hockey sticks? | Andrea Thumshirn
Andrea Thumshirn
Social Innovation
He is an engineer but what he creates out of  paper will leave you in splits
Atamjeet Singh Bawa
Ensuring women’s safety through technology | Manik Mehta
Manik Mehta
Women Safety
“Switched to a 5×8 room, taught Physics and sold health insurances before I could register my company”
Ravi Suhag
From quitting a lucrative CA  job to finding solutions to India’s most pressing issues: Story of Nupur Ghuliani
Nupur Ghuliani
“Being a Jain, I got scared when I saw a bleeding bird die in my arms. But that changed my life.”
Rohit Gangwal
Animal Rights
Editor at the age of 18: Meet Chandni, a street kid who runs a newspaper
Social Innovation
One of India’s youngest CEOs and the owner of three ventures has a plan to control India’s pollution
Anubhav Wadhwa
Swachh Bharat? Meet this British girl who is actually cleaning up India
Jodie Underhill
Social Innovation
“If I feel happy of doing what I am doing then I don’t need to work”
Ryan Martyr
“I want our next generation to read about hunger only in history books”
Ankit Kawatra
Social Innovation
“It takes only 3 seconds to scar a face”: One woman’s mission to support acid attack survivors
Ria Sharma
Social Innovation
26 investments at the age of 26 : A doctor who is now among Forbes 30 under 30 entrepreneurs
Ritesh Malik
A school bag that can reduce school drop out rate | Anusheela Saha
Anusheela Saha
Social Innovation
How 21 year old Sahil Agarwal  bounced back after 4 consecutive failed ventures
Sahil Agarwal
This man loved his dogs so much, he created a company worth crores
Rana Atheya
This wordsmith has an important message for women
Rene Verma
Slam Poet
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