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Why I Sold My House To Build A College | Pranjal Dubey
Pranjal Dubey
Social Changemaker
How Things That Matter The Most Are Never Taught In School | Nirman Dave
Nirman Dave
Why It Is Always The Right Age To Go Out And Create Something Valuable | Ishan Vyas
Ishan Vyas
What Does It Take To Build Something Significant? Curiosity And Hunger | Narendra Sen
Narendra Sen
“Damage Has Already Been Done, How Do We Undo It?” | Angad Daryani
Angad Daryani
Social Innovation
” After 2000 Calls And 200 Failed Meetings, Came Youth Ki Awaaz” : Anshul Tewari
Anshul Tewari
A village in Rajasthan that is grabbing world-wide attention | Laxman Singh
Laxman Singh
Social Innovation
This slam poet has a piece of advice for women : Rene Sharanya Verma
Rene Verma
Slam Poet
Can we replace Cricket bats with hockey sticks? | Andrea Thumshirn
Andrea Thumshirn
Social Innovation
What paper can build | Atamjeet Singh Bawa
Atamjeet Singh Bawa
Ensuring women’s safety through technology | Manik Mehta
Manik Mehta
Women Safety
Cracking programming languages, without books | Ravi Suhag
Ravi Suhag
Finding home while travelling | Prakash Jha
Prakash Jha
A reality check on Indian cooking methods | Nupur Ghuliani
Nupur Ghuliani
Meet Rohit Gangwal, the man behind rescuing injured birds in Jaipur
Rohit Gangwal
Animal Rights
Editor at 19: A street kid who runs a newspaper
Social Innovation
Take this 14 year old boy’s vision seriously | Anubhav Wadhwa
Anubhav Wadhwa
Swachh Bharat? Meet this British girl who is actually cleaning up India
Jodie Underhill
Social Innovation
“If I feel happy of doing what I am doing then I don’t need to work”
Ryan Martyr
Ending India’s hunger problem | Ankit Kawatra
Ankit Kawatra
Social Innovation


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