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Iron Will and Steel Resolve: The Inspiring Tale of IPS Krishna Prakash

April 2, 2024


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Krishna Prakash was always a bright student, but his true character shone through during a pivotal moment in his school days. While studying in class 12th, he witnessed an injustice in his neighbourhood involving the construction of a wall around a community well for communal reasons. Without hesitation, he informed the police, standing up for what was right. However, this act of bravery led to him being wrongfully detained by the police, an experience that left a deep impact on him.

Turning Point

Fueled by this incident, Krishna decided to become an Indian Police Service (IPS) officer. He wanted to serve the people selflessly, ensuring that his actions were governed by law and order, not by connections to powerful individuals. Coming from Hazaribagh, where few aspired for the UPSC exams, he faced ridicule and criticism. Undeterred, he noted down every negative comment, using them as motivation to prove his detractors wrong.

Serving with Integrity

Krishna’s dedication paid off when he qualified for the UPSC exam and became an IPS officer. He held firm to the principle that the law should be blind to an individual’s status, religion, race, or gender, as advocated by Dicey’s principle. Throughout his service, whether in Malgaon or Buldhana, he never hesitated to take action against powerful individuals involved in criminal activities, earning him respect and support from the public. He shares an incident when he was posted newly and he was taking action against a powerful person. The public wrote letters to the chief minister, the governor of the state, and the home minister to not take any action against Krishna Prakash and if they did then they have to take action against them first. Whenever anyone powerful wanted to take favours or forced him to work under them, he boldly replied,

“Either you change the laws or you can try to change me. Both are impossible.”

A Personal Challenge: The Ironman Journey

While serving in South Mumbai, Krishna discovered a new passion: marathons. The major marathon was SCMM and now it is known as Tata Marathon. Inspired by the book “Veerappan - Chasing the Brigand,” he realized the importance of physical fitness in his line of work. Determined to be as fit as possible, he set his sights on the Ironman title, known for its gruelling physical demands. Despite a severe injury that fractured three bones near his shoulder, his indomitable spirit led him to not only recover but also become the first government officer in India to achieve the Ironman title in the marathon. 

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Beyond Ironman: UltraMan Australia

Krishna’s journey did not stop at the Ironman title. He aimed higher, setting his sights on the Triathlon UltraMan Australia, one of the toughest marathons in the world. Despite the challenges, including a major injury, he secured an invitation to participate by demonstrating his unwavering endurance. His perseverance paid off as he became India’s first civil servant to win the Ultraman Australia title, proving that his competition was not with others, but with himself.

A Message to the Youth

Krishna Prakash’s story is a testament to the power of determination and integrity. He advises the youth to compete with themselves, to constantly strive for improvement, and to never let setbacks deter their spirit. His journey from a determined student to an esteemed IPS officer and an acclaimed athlete serves as an inspiration to all who aspire to make a difference in the world. He wrote a few lines,

“mann k andar ek loha galta, tan k upar ek loha dhalta, bhitar bahar charo pahar jiske fauladi irada palta, girta uthta kabhi na rukta, anwarat hai jo chalta rehta, zakhmon ko jo has kar sehta, prerak itihas woh hai rachta ”

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Table of Content


Turning Point

Serving with Integrity

A Personal Challenge: The Ironman Journey

Beyond Ironman: UltraMan Australia

A Message to the Youth

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