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Khan Global Studies Fees, Academic Counseling, Course Structure and Resources

May 16, 2024


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Hello aspirants. My name is Shivom Sharma and I am a content strategist at Josh Talks. I was recently handed over the responsibility of exploring various Civil Services coaching institutes to help fresh aspirants get a firsthand account of how they work and admit students. I came across Khan Global Studies (KGS) recently and it is based in the UPSC coaching hub of India, Old Rajinder Nagar, Delhi. In this blog post, I'll share my experience attending a trial lecture, provide an overview of their GS Foundation course, and give you my honest review of their offerings. I'll also touch upon their strengths, areas for improvement, and how they stack up against other coaching institutes in the area. If you're considering joining KGS or are just curious about their courses, read on for my detailed insights and firsthand account.

Verticals at Khan Global Studies

Khan Global Studies (KGS) offers a wide array of courses spanning various competitive exams, including State PSC,State Exams, NEET | JEE | CUET, Defence Exams, Police Exams, SSC Exams, Foundation Courses, Railway Exams,Teaching Exams, Banking Exams, and Engineering Exams. However, for the purpose of this blog post, we will focus solely on their offerings for the UPSC (Union Public Service Commission) civil services exam.

Several other coaching institutes, including Career Power, Vidya Guru and Career Launcher, also deal with the same coaching services but KGS stands out as it also provides UPSC Civil Services coaching.

Approaching KGS for a Trial Lecture

While scrolling through the Khan Global Studies (KGS) website and simultaneously watching their video lectures, I was intrigued by their quality. Eager to learn more, I decided to inquire about a trial lecture. However, the website lacked a direct contact number, only offering a query form. Impatient for a response, I took matters into my own hands.

A quick Google search led me to their Old Rajinder Nagar office's address. I called the helpline number listed and, after providing my details, learned about their most recent batch starting on May 22nd. My request for a trial lecture was met with a referral to a counselor at the center named Rahul Singh. Coincidentally, I had mentioned that my name was Rahul Sharma earlier.

Reaching KGS Lecture Halls

It was 1:30 pm and Rahul readily agreed to a demo lecture but urged me to reach Karol Bagh before 3 pm.

With the clock ticking, I hopped on my bike and made it to Karol Bagh at 2:50 pm. Meanwhile, Rahul had thoughtfully sent me the location of the building where Gautam Sir's Governance lecture would take place. The lecture hall was situated right next to Drishti IAS's main building, mere steps from the Karol Bagh Metro Station.

Outside the classroom, I struck up a conversation with another student. After all, who better to offer real insights than someone already studying there? The building itself housed various companies on the first floor, Drishti IAS on the second, and Khan Global Studies' classrooms on the third.

Entering the Classroom

Getting a pass for the trial lecture was a breeze. A quick chat with the gatekeeper and the class coordinator, and I had a 2-day pass in hand.

The classroom was impressive, easily fitting 250-300 students, with around 7 split ACs and a centralized air conditioning system to keep things cool. I opted for the back row, figuring the front would be too easy and the back would give me a better sense of the challenges students might face.

I was seated in the last row and there were around 10-15 rows between myself and the teacher. The classroom was equipped with high-quality LED TVs, so I had a clear view of everything. The real standout was the surround sound system. The room had a lot of speakers and the teacher's voice was crystal clear. I took some pictures for reference—this was the best sound system I've encountered in any coaching center.

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Another detail that caught my eye was the abundance of fire extinguishers. There were six or seven of them placed within easy reach of the students. It might sound odd, but it gave me a sense of security. Overall, I had a positive impression of the class. 

Teaching Style

The teacher started by asking students if they had any doubts from the previous lesson and then patiently answered each question one-by-one. The topic of the day was Good Governance, but he kicked things off with a Mains question on the previous day’s topics. He used this as a way to recap the previous lecture and asked for answers from different students. He took a good 15-20 minutes to explain everything thoroughly. It seemed like a smart way to keep everyone engaged and revise.

As the lecture progressed, the teacher's interactive style helped me understand the topic better. He wrote down the features of Good Governance, then asked the students for real-world examples of each. Using their answers, he explained everything in a way that was easy to understand and follow. I even found myself answering a question. Even without cracking any jokes, the teacher kept me interested throughout the entire lecture. The teacher stayed on topic and didn't waste time with unnecessary stories, which is common in UPSC coaching classes now-a-days

Amenities at Khan Global Studies

The washrooms were a different story. They were in terrible condition—almost unusable. It was hard to even enter or stand inside due to the smell. In 2024, when the government and citizens are working hand in hand for public sanitation through Swacch Bharat, it was shocking for me. While entering back in the room, I conveyed this to the gatekeeper. After that, I headed to drink water, there were two electronic water dispensers and close to 10 water containers, ensuring ample supply. The water dispensers had options of hot, normal and chilled water and each tap was working fine. On the plus side, the water coolers were stocked with branded water bottles instead of local ones. It was worth appreciating.

Extension of Batch Dates

While chatting with my fellow lecture-goer, I learned he was also enrolled in the upcoming May 22nd batch. He mentioned this batch was initially supposed to start on April 22nd, but it had been postponed for unspecified reasons. My guess was that they hadn't filled enough seats.

Apparently, he had to pay his fees and even have his parents talk to the management just to be allowed to attend the current batch. He had already moved to Old Rajinder Nagar from his hometown and would have been stuck with nothing to do for a whole month otherwise.

This could definitely be a problem for other students, so my advice would be to confirm the batch start date multiple times. Old Rajinder Nagar isn't cheap, and getting stuck there with no classes to attend would be a real hassle.

Academic Counseling at Khan Global Studies

After the class, I was directed to their counseling office, located on Old Rajinder Nagar's main road. It's easy to spot, right across from the Sunya IAS building and next to the well-known Grover Sweets. There, I met Rahul, who gave me a detailed overview of the GS Foundation course.

GS Foundation Course at Khan Global Studies

As I reached the main building, Rahul was waiting for me. He noted down my details and asked me how I was approaching the exam. After telling him that I had abandoned my preparation and shifted myself towards working, he asked me to join this course, the latest batch of which was going to start on 22nd May.

This breakdown explores the key features of the course to help you decide if it aligns with your learning style and needs.

Syllabus Coverage

The course covers the entire syllabus for both the Preliminary and Mains stages of the UPSC exam. For the Prelims, you'll receive preparation for General Studies subjects along with the CSAT (Civil Services Aptitude Test). This ensures a well-rounded foundation for tackling the objective-based screening stage. Once you qualify for the Mains, the focus shifts to the four General Studies papers, Essay writing, and language test preparation in both Hindi and English. 

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Course Structure and Duration

The KGS GS Foundation Course is a 15-month program that provides in-depth coverage of the UPSC syllabus. This extended duration allows for a thorough exploration of each subject. Classes are held six days a week, with Sundays dedicated to revision. The daily schedule runs from 9:00 AM to 11:30 PM.

Flexibility and Learning Resources

The course offers a hybrid learning format, catering to students who prefer classroom learning or virtual attendance. This flexibility allows you to manage your schedule effectively and attend classes even if you miss them in person due to travel or other commitments. Additionally, KGS provides access to recorded lectures for two years after enrollment. This serves as a valuable backup resource for revision purposes. However, it's important to note that each lecture can only be played twice.

The course also includes a set of 18 study books. These books are delivered progressively, with each book corresponding to the subject being covered in class.

Structured Learning and Focus

KGS follows a structured learning approach where a new subject is only introduced after the current one is completed.

Current Affairs Integration

The course recognizes the importance of current affairs in the UPSC exam. Dedicated weekly lectures and a monthly current affairs magazine are included to keep you updated on important developments relevant to the syllabus. 

Mentorship and Answer Writing Support

The KGS GS Foundation Course offers a unique mentorship program. You can connect with experienced mentors for one-on-one sessions. These mentors are aspirants who have attempted at least two UPSC Mains exams. Furthermore, the course allows you to submit written practice answers for evaluation. This feedback helps you identify areas for improvement in your answer writing skills, a crucial aspect of success in the Mains exam. Mentors can also provide guidance as you practice solving previous years' UPSC questions.

Test Series for Exam Simulation

The course includes a comprehensive test series to simulate the exam experience and help you gauge your preparation level. This package offers over 40 MCQ tests, including a mix of 25 sectional tests and 15 full-length tests for the Prelims stage. Additionally, there are over 30 Mains tests available after completing the UPSC Prelims. There are Daily Practice Test handouts for students as well.

Khan Global Studies Fees


Mode of Teaching

Total Fee

Discounted Fee (One Time)

Fee if paying with EMIs

Installment I

Installment II

GS Foundation Course







GS Foundation Course (12-15 months with an 18 month validity for online resources)




EMI facility not available



Payment Methods at Khan Global Studies

KGS accepts all kinds of payment options, including 

  1. Debit Cards
  2. Credit Cards
  3. Netbanking
  4. Cash
  5. Cheques
  6. Demand Drafts. 

It is to be noted that KGS does not have any tieup with any EMI provider and the EMIs are managed solely by the institute itself.

Faculty Lineup for GS Foundation Course



Mr Rajesh Mishra

Indian Polity & International Relations

Mr Sachin Arora


Mr Dharmendra Kumar

Ethics & Essay

Dr. Abhishek

Environment & Ecology and Science & Technology

Mr Rameshwar

Indian Economy

Mr Kinshuk

Current Affairs

K. Shivesh


Resources on the Website of Khan Global Studies

Looking for UPSC Coaching?

  1. Daily Current Affairs Notes: KGS provides daily current affairs notes on their website, summarized in concise bullet points. These notes often include reference maps for relevant topics, aiding in visual understanding.
  2. Daily Current Affairs Quiz: A daily quiz comprising 5 multiple-choice questions is available to test your knowledge and retention of current events.
  3. Daily Newspaper Analysis: KGS offers in-depth analysis of major newspaper articles, freely accessible on their website, to keep aspirants informed and updated.
  4. Free Access to Quizzes and Current Affairs: All current affairs material, including the daily quiz and newspaper analysis, is provided free of charge to all users.
  5. Infographics, Mind Maps, and NCERTs: KGS provides visually engaging infographics and mind maps to enhance understanding of various topics. Additionally, NCERT textbooks in PDF format are available for free download.
  6. Daily UPSC Quiz with Explanations: A daily quiz consisting of 5 questions from different UPSC subjects,including current affairs, is available. Upon completion, users receive their score and detailed explanations for each question.
  7. Discontinued Services: While KGS previously offered separate current affairs MCQs and Mains questions with model answers, these services are no longer available.
  8. KGS-IAS Open Test: KGS typically conducts an all-India open test for UPSC aspirants, with rankings provided based on performance. However, the schedule for the upcoming test was not specified at the time of this review.

My Review

Before attending a class at KGS, my expectations were quite different. However, I was pleasantly surprised by the organized system I encountered. Their facilities, classrooms, and course coverage rivaled those of well-established coaching institutes.

One of the most notable aspects of KGS is its affordability. Their offline courses are offered at approximately half the price of most other institutes, while still delivering the same curriculum and experienced faculty. This is a significant advantage for the numerous students from humble backgrounds who come to Old Rajinder Nagar for UPSC preparation.The high fees charged by other institutes often force them into debt, adding an unnecessary burden to their journey.

That being said, there were some areas where KGS could improve. The postponement of the batch by a month, for instance, could erode students' confidence and waste valuable preparation time.

Overall, I believe aspiring UPSC candidates should consider giving KGS a chance. Their willingness to offer trial lectures allows students to make informed decisions, something I believe all coaching institutes should adopt. After all, students investing significant time and money deserve the opportunity to assess whether a particular institute is the right fit for them.

Nearest PGs and Library Options

One of the biggest challenges of moving to Old Rajinder Nagar is finding suitable accommodation. Knowing this, I decided to explore paying guest (PG) options in the area for those considering the move.

After asking around, several shopkeepers, including the folks at the well-known Rattan Dairy, recommended Krishna PG. Located a short walk from Pusa Road circle, about 700 meters from Karol Bagh Metro station and a kilometer from the KGS classroom building, this PG is in a prime location. It's surrounded by coaching centers and libraries but still manages to be on a quiet street in an otherwise bustling area.

Krishna PG offers a variety of room options:

  • Single Sharing: Priced at 28,000 rupees per month.
  • Double Sharing: Priced at 16,000 rupees per month.
  • Triple Sharing: Priced at 13,000 rupees per month.

These prices include all three meals and various amenities like a shared fridge, air conditioner, bed, mattress, almirah (wardrobe), study table, chair, TV, sofa set, and a glass table. I’ll also share some images from the PG for your reference.

There are cheaper options available too but it’s hard to find a PG room below 10,000 bucks. For this, you’ll have to look for independent unfurnished rooms. 

For those seeking a quiet study space, there are hundreds of libraries near Krishna PG. Two of the best options are Vidya Library and Gratification Library. These libraries stand out due to their locker facilities, along with other essential amenities like air conditioning, desktop lamps, fixed seating, 24x7 support, and high-speed Wi-Fi.

The charges are based on the chosen duration:

  • Full-time Seat with Locker: 3200 rupees per month
  • 12-Hour Seat with Locker: 2200 rupees per month

The locker is a significant advantage, allowing you to leave your books and study materials at the library, eliminating the hassle of carrying them back and forth to your PG every day.

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Verticals at Khan Global Studies

Entering the Classroom

Teaching Style

Extension of Batch Dates

Academic Counseling at Khan Global Studies

Khan Global Studies Fees

Payment Methods at Khan Global Studies

Faculty Lineup for GS Foundation Course

Resources on the Website of Khan Global Studies

My Review

Nearest PGs and Library Options

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