The Unusual Journey of the Man who wrote Gangs of Wasseypur

Delhi | Feb 2017

Zeishan Quadri

Actor, director, producer & writer

Akhand Swarup

Ex IES, Founder-Catalyst


Zeishan Qadri is by now an actor, director, producer, and writer in Bollywood. He is best known for writing the story of the Bollywood cult classic Gangs of Wasseypur and playing the role of Definite in the film

Gangs of Wasseypur did not begin as an Anurag Kashyap vision or any sort of collaborative project on unraveling crime in Bihar. The story owes its thanks entirely to Zeishan Quadri’s life experience, and it would never have been realized, had he found a stable career or started his own business, like he had planned. That nothing really materialized for him and he came to Mumbai on a comical hunch that he could make it in films was the beginning of his success story. He recounts his thoroughly entertaining journey.