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The Art of Being An Entrepreneur

Delhi | September 2018

Sixit Bhatta

Founder, Ceo- Tootle

Sixit Bhatta

Founder, Ceo- Tootle


People become entrepreneurs for many different reasons, some to do what they love, and others, to help serve people. Regardless of their motivation for starting their own businesses, the most successful entrepreneurs are really artists.

When an entrepreneur envisions their masterpiece, they are looking at nothing other than opportunity. It takes a true artist to see something out of nothing and an even greater artist to begin the process to sculpt the situation to match that which they envision.

The art of becoming an entrepreneur or to say mastering the art of entrepreneurship is a skill you learn through the experiences of life.

Here is Sixit Bhatta, Founder and CEO of Tootle, Nepal’s first ride-sharing app based on motorcycles as the medium, sharing his experiences of life and how he went on from his job to become an entrepreneur, failing and reshaping his vision and mastering the art of becoming an entrepreneur. Needless to say, Bhatta was one of the talk of the town in the startup circle after the release of one of the most innovative products of Katmandu.

For Bhatta, entrepreneurship is a way of expressing oneself. He ended up being an entrepreneur seeking the freedom to express himself in his products. Since, day one, different products at Three60 consulting have all been a medium of expression. From EdCrayon (Our Education and Classroom Management System), to the location tracking system for Sajha to Tootle, everything has been simply his ways of expression.

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