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Why Successful Entrepreneurs Never Quit?

Noida |December 2018

Roshan Baid

Managing Direcor

Roshan Baid

Managing Director


“Rome wasn’t built in a day. The same way, successful entrepreneurs are not made in one day. It takes hard work, sweat and blood and a never give up, never quit attitude to escalate into an entrepreneur the market respects. The failure to success entrepreneur journey of Roshan Baid is an example. Starting a business in a small place like Tughlakabad within a risky market such as Sportswear, Roshan Baid was putting all his stakes into one basket. A 10 machine manufacturing set-up evolved into a 100 machine set-up when Roshan expanded his business with a partner, importing his raw materials from Taiwan. But a chain of events in his life forced him to sell 60% of his business. Watch this Josh Talk and know-how even after that sale, Roshan aced retail in sportswear with brand Alcis Sports, both offline and online.”