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Job Seeker To Successful Entrepreneur

Nepal |September 2018

Shailendra Raj Giri

CEO, Merajob.com

Shailendra Raj Giri

CEO, Merajob.com


Could you imagine someone struggling to find a job becoming a successful entrepreneur? Shailendra Raj Giri is an example of such a success story.

When Shailendra Raj Giri, founder and CEO of MeroJob.com, completed his BBA in 1999, he had no idea how to go about finding a job. “I wanted a job that would pay me at least Rs 10,000 a month. I had a degree, but my college never taught me anything about job-hunting, let alone other basic skills like preparing a CV, filling up applications and preparing for job interviews,” says Giri.

Today, Shailendra Raj Giri runs MeroJob.com—one of Nepal’s most seamless online job portals and a leading career-management service provider—which helps thousands of job-seekers get closer to finding their dream jobs.

We often find ourselves into job seeking and job search either online or offline, and we are confused about as to how to find a job? We go about job interviews and then finally think of starting a business. However, the business ideas don’t always perform that well for us. Starting a business is not that easy as we all know. However, this motivational story of an entrepreneur from Nepal tells us how to start a business and how struggle and persistence can help us achieve what we want.

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