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It is Good To Be Confused About Your Career

Delhi |August 2018

Ankur Dobriyal

Video Producer-SchooWhoop Media

Ankur Dobriyal

Video Producer-SchooWhoop Media


Career confusion can happen at any time. A lot of people feel confused about their career. Ankur Dobriyal, who is famous for his ScoopWhoop Cafe songs also had to go from the same situation.

Ankur Dobriyal was introduced in the ScoopWhoop Cafe and he soon became an internet sensation with his 60 Year of Bollywood in 4 chords. Post that, he has recorded several such videos with ScoopWhoop. With SW cafe, he has recorded:
1. 20 Years of IndiPop
2. 20 Years of Kishore Kumar
3. 60 Years of Bollywood Part II
4. 90s TV Shows Theme Songs

We keep navigating about our career growth and think of becoming successful. However, the success doesn’t come that easy. Ankur followed his passion and with persistence, he became an internet sensation that he is today.

In this motivational Josh Talks, he says that making right decisions and taking right decisions at the right time is the only key. It is good to be confused about your career because it tells you what is good and what is bad for you. Career confusion also helps to eliminate the career choices that we think can help us grow.

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