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How I Built My Own Rocket?

Mumbai |March 2018

Sunny Kabrawala

Founder, STAR

Akhand Swarup

Ex IES, Founder-Catalyst


The requisite ingredients for the recipe of success are – one dream, one man and a lot of courage. It takes only a decision to try and traverse the path and the story builds itself. Sunny Kabrawala incepted STAR as a startup on research in Space technology,

on 5th November 2015. Initially, STAR constituted a team of only 4 students, while it got invitation from 20+ schools, colleges and institutions to conduct seminars on space exploration and by the end of 2016, it had addressed 6000+ students in Gujarat. In a span of a year, STAR grew from a team of 4 members to a team of 15 members and organized numerous sky gazing and rocket launch events in Surat. Garnering acknowledgment and recognition for his endeavours, on 1st January 2017, Sunny Kabrawala was awarded “Revolutionary Icon and Unique potential of 2016”. Soon on 3rd January 2017, STAR inaugurated the first research laboratory of Surat named as STAR RESEARCH LABORATORY (SRL) and the very next day, on 4th January, they announced the 1st satellite mission of Surat named AXIS.