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Don’t Let Your Failures Define Your Success

Hyderabad | July 2018

Prashant Lingam

Founder, Bamboo House India

Akhand Swarup

Ex IES, Founder-Catalyst


“An entrepreneur who barely had one meal a day, along with his wife built a business that has now achieved a turnover of Rs 2 crore by bouncing back from the brink of a washout, with a piled-up debt of Rs 60 lakh.

Around 11 years ago, a couple in Hyderabad was looking for an eco-friendly sofa-set for their home, and the search took them to a village in Tripura on the Indo-Bangladesh border where they got the idea of starting a business of building bamboo houses.

This success story of this entrepreneur couple is a story of resilience. This story showcases that no matter how many times you fail but those failures cannot define your success. Now 40, Prashant Lingam, a reluctant student during his younger years and an MBA dropout has a fabulous story to share with budding entrepreneurs. ”