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Josh Talks Co Founder Supriya at the FICCI FLO Conference

Indore, 15 April 2019

The Change of Guard ceremony of FICCI Ladies Organization (FLO) Indore chapter was held on Monday. Whereby, the former Chairperson Rekha Mehta handed over the mantle to Bhavana Bhalla for the period 2019-20. And to mark the occasion, a discussion was held to discuss the “Leadership for the next generation of women”, in presence of the FLO’s national president 2018-19, Pinky Reddy (GVK Group’s director). The panellists for which included Supriya Paul, Co-founder of Josh Talks, Archana Garodia Gupta, former national president of FLO, Avani Bansal, Advocate Supreme Court and Deepak Ramola, founder of Project FUEL. The session was moderated by Reema Lokesh, Editor of Indian Express.

While Archana Garodia brought out a striking fact about Iceland, where the government had
increased the school timing to let women work more hours, since they only get to work when their children are busy at school and how she is trying something similar for schools in Delhi.

Talking about the tolerance in women, Supriya pointed out her own start-up journey. During which no one took her decision seriously, with people mocking it as a Charity or at most a hobby. And how, with her sheer dedication, she pulled it into being a successful brand which now caters to millions of people across India in their own languages, inspiring them to reach where they want to be from where they are.

Later Deepak Ramola, the only male panellist, narrated his story of starting project FUEL that creates activities out of life journeys, inspired by his illiterate yet educated mother. And Avani Bansal shared her life story of how she broke into male driven domain and made a name for herself as an advocate in Supreme court.

This discussion was concluded by the common consensus that women, need to use their tolerance as a strength rather than having it being accepted as their weakness.

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