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Josh Talks partners with Oxfam to ensure quality education and healthcare


10th May 2019, Gurugram

Josh Talks and Oxfam India collaborated to amplify the “Yes Democracy” campaign to ensure that quality public education and universal healthcare remain on top of the election agenda.


The conference was organized at CoWrks Gurugram, where a series of individual talks and dialogues were showcased. And it was attended by a highly curated audience hailing from diverse backgrounds. Who along with the speakers, reached various conclusions on the crucial topic.
While 2 of the speakers, Kuldeep Kumar Baudh and Chandrakant Insan, brought out their personal stories to showcase the real perceptions of people affected by lack of quality education and healthcare in respective areas.
A young changemaker named Komal, from Sikhrodi village in Uttar Pradesh, discussed the importance of education in empowering the young girls in the rural parts of India.
Post which a dialogue with Mr. Amitabh Behar, CEO of Oxfam India, highlighted the impact created by Oxfam India through the Yes Democracy campaign and problem of quality education and universal healthcare in the country.
The event concluded with an ending note from Afreen Akhtar, Storyteller and spoken word poet, on the importance of education to help children identify and fight sexual abuse.


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