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Josh Talks Nepal Press Release

Kathmandu, 9 September 2018

Josh Talks, in collaboration with Facebook, hosted its 14th event of the year this 8th of September at Southwestern College, Kathmandu. The day-long conference traversed across genres and brought forth inspiring narratives by entrepreneurs and change makers.

The conference marked the beginning of the Josh Talks International Community, giving leaders in the fields ranging from entrepreneurship to sports and entertainment, a platform to share their stories with the world.

The Facebook #BoostYourBusiness workshop in Nepal aimed to bring together business pioneers and upcoming professionals to promote the spirit of entrepreneurship among the youth and future changemakers. The conference intended to initiate a wave of change in the job industry by indulging in conversations with budding entrepreneurs.

The conference hosted personalities with enthralling stories. Ahmed Dulla, the son of a restaurateur, got into the shoe designing industry. He chose shoe designing as a career, a social stigma associated with it, because of which Ahmed would be teased and called a mochi. A pioneer in the shoe industry today, Ahmed shared about building his business, The Factory Team with passion and how it has changed social perception. The intricacies of his life experiences left everyone moved.

Sixit Bhatta, the founder of Tootle, reflected on his entrepreneurial journey from an engineer and banker to creating one of the most promising start-ups in Asia. His vision of ‘what it takes to be an entrepreneur’ received a huge round of applause.

Shailee Basnet shared her experiences of balancing a career in mountaineering and stand-up comedy. Her story of taking woman power to the Mount Everest and the life lessons that climbing the Mount Everest taught her, had everyone spellbound.

Executive Director at We Inspire Nepal (WIN) and a leading motivational speaker, Saunak Bhatta has guided many leaders, entrepreneurs, and organizations. His encouraging words and guidance left the audience inspired.

Global Entrepreneur Shailendra Raj Giri narrated his journey to creating merojob.com, which helps job seekers from various industries connect to the right organization. The entrepreneurs’ emphasis on ‘thinking out of the box’ resonated with all among the audience.

Josh Talks Kathmandu 2018 was a spectacular event with several intriguing stories that were of major relevance to young entrepreneurs. We look forward to having them back next year.

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