Josh Talks Internship 2019 is Now Open

Introducing India’s first Impact Media Internship at Josh Talks. 

Get an opportunity to change the world using the power of the internet while earning solid credentials for your career. 

You could be a college student who has the urge to help society or someone who wants social work credentials for higher studies. You could be a graduate who wants to figure out what you want to do in life while gaining work experience.

You could be just about anybody!

We are looking for super creative and highly driven individuals who have the will and the skills to tackle the unemployment problem plaguing real India. We want you to help real India realize their potential by developing a career guidance platform called Josh कोश which is presently in Hindi but will soon be expanded to all Indian regional languages. 

Date – 1st May 2019 Onwards (2 months + 4 months optional)

Location – DLF 2 Gurgaon 

Stipend – Fixed + Performance based   

Can You Solve Young India’s Problems?

The Indian youth suffers from unemployment and underemployment. According to a study India’s growth is not adding as many jobs as expected and 81% of all employed people are involved in the so called informal economy.

Simply talking about this will not help. Skill development is needed and entrepreneurship opportunities need to be created so that people don’t just make careers but also become employment generators.   

Enabling Real India in the Internet Age

Thanks to cheap mobile data the internet is finally for everyone in India. Since we are the world’s second most populated nation there is a lot of excitement on what the internet will bring to the masses, especially those in tier 2, tier 3 and rural areas who consume content in regional languages. No wonder why CNN business declared that the future of the internet is Indian.  

While content consumption in Indian languages is growing (Hindi content growing by 94% compared to a 19% growth in English) there is a dearth of good digital content available on the internet in regional languages.

We plan to bridge this gap by developing a career related platform in regional languages. 





The FuNo ture of The Internet Is Indian
– CNN Business


One Third of The World Population NOT Connected to the Internet are Indian

850M Indians Equal to Population of G7 Countries will be on the Internet by 2025

Learn while gaining valuable work experience 

We are assembling the finest and most enthusiastic minds in India and giving them a problem to solve.

They have to work individually or as a team and find out how they can help people choose the career that they like, improve life skills and ultimately find out their purpose in life.  

Some problems that we are trying to solve are

  • How to choose a career?
  • How to get a good job?
  • How to start a business?

 To do this you need to 


Career choices and entrepreneurship opportunities available and how to do it 


Exhaustive media resources including engaging videos with excellent user experience that actually helps people. This will include content planning and creation. (Video production in case if video content) 


By hand holding and leveraging the power of communities so that lives actually change 

You will get a chance to think of smashing ideas, implement them and measure success. Witness your creation making a difference and get lifelong credit for what you make. 

Three reasons why this internship is better than any other

Reason 1: Get trained on marketing fundamentals

This is essentially a social impact product development internship. To ensure that you hit the ground running the Josh Talks internship includes a well designed training module that will be taught to you so that you can actually learn how marketing is done in the digital age. 

The course is well structured so we expect you to be prepared by reading pre class assignments so that things get interesting. 

Reason 2: Real industry experience makes you ready for the real world

Most internship projects are dull because you end up with back end projects in which you do the slog work and do not end up learning much.

In our internship you are completely in charge of what you develop and get lifelong credit for your creation plus you will be able to measure results.  

You will be more or less be working as a full time employee during the duration of the internship which can be mentioned as work experience in your resume. 

Reason 3: Social services credentials 

Social impact internships are a rage all across the world because you are striving to make a difference while gaining relevant experience. Whether you’re looking for a job or want to study abroad social service experience is bound to help you. 






Do you have what it takes? 

Apply for this internship if you are

  • Enthusiastic and active in life
  • Either onstage or back stage during college festivals
  • Sort of figured out what you are going to do in life and the path to get there
  • Have acting/directing/videography skills or the will to learn these

How to apply?

 Seats are limited so hurry and fill this google form to apply.

Please keep your resume handy as you need to upload it in the form.

If shortlisted you will get a call for a telephonic interview. 

You will be required to appear at the Josh Talks office in Gurgaon for a face to face interview as well.

You can Email us on [email protected] for more details.