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Josh Talks and Facebook come together to empower the youth

Josh Talks collaborated with Facebook India policy team across India and South-East Asian countries to empower the youth of the nation using campaigns like #StartAb, #BoostYourBusiness, Voice+ Dialogues and #MakeYourMark.

#StartAb was set off to build a community of young changemakers and inculcate an entrepreneurial spirit amongst them. And this was accomplished with a series of workshops and conferences in Tier II, Tier III and Tier IV cities. Whereby 30000+ students in 200 colleges across India were empowered by 350+ speakers with 500+ hours of training and guidance.

#BoostYourBusiness, on the other hand, focused on equipping small and medium business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs with the required digital marketing skills and showcasing the inspiring stories of people using Facebook as a platform to build their business. With the help of 20 specially curated case studies of the inspiring people in 12 regional languages and 6 conferences including one in Nepal featuring over 50 speakers and an audience of 2000 attendees.

#MakeYourMark worked towards educating young individuals and first time voters on the importance of exercising their right to vote and the responsibility that comes upon each individual, as being a part of the largest democracy. With conferences across 15 states, the campaign was able to aware 6 million online viewers along with 1600+ attendees and generated 50000+ inquiries for voter registration.


Voice+ Dialogues was planned to counter something as widespread as terror-induced conflict within the Indian subcontinent and to give a platform to the people of the conflict regions. And this was done by initiating a dialogue between entrepreneurs, organizations, policymakers and creative influencers from such regions. Thus encouraging networking to formulate a solid bedrock on which CVE-centric actions can be taken.


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