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ILO celebrates 100 years of inception with Josh Talks

11th April, Delhi

International Labour Organization (ILO) and Josh Talks came together to celebrate the 100th Anniversary of ILO with a global webcast covering 24 countries over 24 hours!

Representing India on the ‘virtual tour’, Josh Talks brought together performances, stories and conversations around unconventional career options, work-life balance, inclusion as well as what the future of work looks like, with the event named “We at Work: Young India!”
The event had speakers like Dagmar Walter- Deputy Director at ILO, Ankur Warikoo- founder Nearbuy, Kaneez Surka- Stand-up Comedian, Radhika Gupta- CEO Edelweiss Asset management, Sanjeeta Bhattacharya- Singer, Taksh Sharma- Trans Model and Tanmaya Jain- founder InFeedo.
After the introductory session by Dagmar on the ongoing and upcoming projects of ILO. Ankur Warikoo took over the stage to explain the need to create a nurturing work environment whereby the employees don’t feel the need to have a work-life balance. And explained how he does that at Nearbuy.
Kaneez Surka, in conversation with Vedant Maheshwari from the Josh Talks team, shed light on choosing careers by keeping passion as a matrix and not heading for what is popular or asked of you by your parents. Along with mentioning about how she made a career in stand-up and now wants to empower more women to do so.
Radhika Gupta and Tanmaya Jain, in conversation with Supriya Paul, discussed how the future of work would look like and what sort of jobs would be required and how can we prepare ourselves for them.

Taksh Sharma brought out the importance of letting people be what they want to at workplace and why inclusive mindset is need of the hour to bring LGBTQ people to mainstream.

The event concluded with key takeaways around upcoming professions, having the courage to pick the career one is passionate about, leading the life one is comfortable with and balancing one’s personal and professional life.

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