Amresh Bharti

YouTuber, Mahatmaji Technical

Born to a very poor family, Amresh Bharti aka Mahatmaji Technical had a rural upbringing until his father moved to the urban city of Delhi and started working as a cab driver. With the change in the society, Amresh faced a lot of issues in his studies and the urban livelihood. However, he says that the locality that they were living in was full of people doing small petty jobs and thus, he never felt that he was poor. But, things changed when his mother died at an early age and to run the household, he was married at 17. This had an adverse effect on a child and he thought to himself that this is not what he wants from life. Having overcome his circumstances and learnt from his experiences, Amresh began motivating others to take action through his YouTube channel, Mahatmaji Technical, which now has over 4.2M subscribers.

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