When anger became the spark for social justice

Gourav Jaiswal

How would you feel if you found out that 5 cr Indian children were being denied primary education because of government neglect? Or, in our information age, a group of 'educated' young people had never seen a computer, let alone use one? Gourav noticed the problems and let the anger soak in. And who says anger cannot bring change... agrini.org

  • When you consider rural India, it's not possible to look at any one problem in isolation. One needs to appreciate the entire socio-economic framework, especially the role of farming and agriculture. Dr Devinder Sharma is one of India's most educated commentators on this subject. Here's an excellent analysis of the reasoning that guides public policy in agriculture.
  • Why are suicide rates so high in rural India? Dr Sharma's TEDx talk is really insightful.
  • The modern smartphone is a computer and it is spreading fast. Consequently, internet penetration is picking up rapidly in rural India. Here's an interesting update on rapidly changing dynamics.

Gourav Jaiswal

Founder: Agrini

Gourav Jaiswal runs an educational initiative called Agrini that is working to bring change in the rural districts of Madhya Pradesh.

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